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Welcome to the NASED Website

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of the National Association of State Election Directors is to promote accessible, accurate and transparent elections in the United States and U.S. Territories.

On this site you will find information about NASED membership, activities and upcoming conferences.

NASED was formed in 1989 when a group of state election directors and administrators met in Reno, Nevada. The driving issue at that time that spurred the group to organize was the concern that national networks were releasing presidential election results before all polls had closed.

The Help America Vote Act has increased the importance for communication and coordination among state election directors. Though the issues have changed somewhat over the years, the purpose of NASED has remained the same—to serve as an exchange of best practices and ideas.


Executive Director Recruitment Announcement
September 2017

The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) is seeking an executive director. Primary responsibilities include providing leadership and direction to ensure that NASED successfully fulfills its mission.

The executive director works with the NASED executive board and full membership to provide general administrative services, conference planning and coordination of meeting logistics, financial management, website maintenance, and communication among NASED members, as outlined in the Executive Director Core Services Expectations.
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Letter from Bipartisan Congressional Leadership Regarding Cybersecurity and the Elections

United States Congress Septermber 28, 2016

(OVERVIEW) In a letter from the Bipartisan Congressional Leadership, Todd Valentine president of The National Association of State Election Directors received the Leadership's correspondence regarding the states responsibility under the Constitution for administering elections. The Leadership addresses the challenges the states face regarding malefactors attempting to disrupt the administration of elections with cyberattacks and urges the states to take full advantage of all public and private sector resources available to them to ensure the smooth functioning of our democracy. Read the entire letter...